Tyna Ontko

Outer Space presents:
by Tyna Ontko
September 22, 2017
Fishing dock south of Mt. Baker Beach

“Outer Space is excited to kick off its fall lineup with Tyna Ontko. Her practice combines printmaking and sculpture to make installations that are as skilled and refined as they are evocative and moving–object poetry reminiscent of Eva Hesse and Kiki Smith. Her piece for the series promieses to be peaceful and overoflowing with the grace that runs throughout her all of her work. Her statement for the show reads:
“Come join us on the evening of September 22, from 6 – 9pm for Vigil, a site-specific installation on Lake Washington at a dock just south of Mt Baker Beach, (GPS.47.579037, -122.282983). Vigils are held as a period of keeping awake during time usually spent asleep. With special intent to stand watch or pray, they are ceremoniously inclined to either mourn or to celebrate a specific event, a loss, or an achievement. This Vigil hovers between the two. With September 22nd being the fall equinox, it will act as an observance of the changing season, in hopes of joining people together for a send-off into the long rain-filled months ahead. It also serves to acknowledge the turn in our seasons, which increasingly look less and less like themselves. Visitors to Vigil will be invited to gather on the end of a dock which stretches 30 or so feet into Lake Washington, to light a candle and pause momentarily as the water extends around them. As an ode to the fire and water which have so recently consumed our thoughts, our discussions, and our news feeds, Vigil provides quiet space for both introspection, and togetherness on common ground.”